About Me


I have spent countless hours ... days ... weeks ... even months trying to figure out this part of my new space. I have literally put this entire project on hold for way too long because I can't seem to accurately represent myself in a couple short paragraphs.

But I recently realized the entire purpose of this space is about sharing myself with the world . as I am right now . writing in pencil . knowing that the things I feel or know to be true today , might not be true for me tomorrow or next month or next year. And I'm okay with that . I don't have to have it all figured out to share right now.

Looking in the mirror this morning with my wild , wavy , ashy blonde hair curtained over my pale freckly face, It dawned on me that I hadn't put makeup on in months and I haven't used my blowdryer or straightener in over a year? Maybe more? I am free. Although I'm always working and caring for myself, I have shed many of the shackles that used to hold me hostage.

That makeup bag , straightener, and blow dryer collecting dust in my linen closet used to be my comfort ... my armor ... my protection from the outside world. I'd use them to camouflage myself every morning. This ritual of "getting ready" was such a part of my life for so long ... I didn't even know who I was underneath that people pleasing uniform.

You see , the past 33 (ish) years of my life I have tried to be what (I thought) everyone else wanted me to be ... physically , emotionally , mentally. I hid myself for so long, I didn't even recognize myself. When discussing our favorite colors with my kids ... my knee jerk reaction was "Pink". I mean that's what cute little blonde girls like , right? But I quickly retracted and proudly declared "no ... it's Green actually ... like fresh cut grass in the spring time." And although I do believe everything in my life has been leading to this , that ordinary conversation with my girls only a couple months after my 33rd birthday is where my transformation intensified and the need for something more deepened.

I have stripped away the mask and am present now , raw , healing, and ready to share more of myself with you because if I can find my way , so can you. Here we will shed the "shoulds" , learn to live from a place of joy , cultivate healing through natural and step into who our souls are calling us to be.

With my deepest gratitude and love,

Certifications & Offerings

  • Hibiscus Moon Certified Crystal Healer

  • Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki Master

  • Intuitive Angel Oracle Card Reader

  • Integrative Energetic Healer {specializing in -but not limited to- work with empathic women and sensitive children}