To be beautiful is to be yourself.


Shed the cocoon of labels , uninspired patterns, unhealthy habits, busy-ness, and all the "shoulds" that weigh you down. Learn to emerge as a more confident, authentic, joyful, whole being with unwavering faith, love, and trust in one's own Divine guidance. 

Find the courage to break open, heal, and then to spread your magnificent wings.


Now booking Crystal Infused Reiki Healing sessions through April 2019


About me

Hi! I'm Jackie. I have spent most of my life trying to be what everyone else wanted me to be. I have hid myself for so long, I couldn't even tell you my favorite color with true conviction. So a couple months after my 33rd birthday, I started a transformation through deep healing, light sourcing, education of the energetic body, mediation, yoga, and other holistic approaches. I am here to share the deeper side of life with you.

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Ready to rewrite that cycle you've been living over and over again for years? If you're feeling called to find clarity, go deeper, and harness your inner Divine guidance there is no greater time than right now. There is a reason you are here. Allow me to guide you through ways I have transformed my anxieties, shame, and suffering into trust , faith , inner power, and a peaceful yet extraordinary life. 

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