90 minute crystal infused reiki healing session

For first time clients only.

The first 30 minutes of the appointment is required for paperwork and consultation to discuss expectations and what you would like to see improved in your body, mind, and spirit. Any questions you have can be answered during our consultation before laying on the treatment table. After the consultation , we will make you comfortable on the treatment table with pillows , blankets , and bolsters in a room where energy has been cleared prior to your appointment and intention of peace and comfort and relaxation has been set. Soft music is played to maintain ambiance within the room and I often diffuse essential oils that are intuitively chosen unless allergies or preference applies.

Once comfortable , I set a clear intention of love, healing, harmony by saying a blessing out loud. I will then assist you through a light column activation , a guided visualization , allowing your breathing to slow and steady and bring your energy into a state of relaxation so that healing may happen. After the light activation , while you lay comfortably relaxed , I will assess each of your 7 chakras in order to best serve you. Proceeding with the session , I will intuitively choose crystals to lay on your body ,

, use reiki energy , crystals ,, essential oils , and/or anything else that i am called to use as a tool to restore balance and harmony within the body. All while you rest deeply and peacefully. At the end of the session we will discuss our experience and any recommendations to maintain balance. If this is all new for you think of it as an hour of complete relaxation & surrender from the everyday chaos. 

60 minute crystal infused reiki healing session

This can either be done in - person or as a distance healing , over video conferencing. Within the 60 minutes I will check each chakra for balance , use reiki energy , crystals ,, essential oils , and/or anything else that i am called to use as a tool to restore balance and harmony within the body. All while you rest deeply and peacefully. At the end of the session we will discuss our experience and any recommendations to maintain balance. If this is all new for you think of it as an hour of complete relaxation & surrender from the everyday chaos. 

Kids energy balancing session

This can either be done in your home or in my zen den - wherever your child {16 and under} would be most comfortable. Each session is 60 minutes long. I will check each chakra for balance , use reiki energy , crystals ,, essential oils , and/or anything else that i am called to use as a tool to restore balance and harmony within the body. All while you rest deeply and peacefully. At the end of the session we will discuss our experience and any recommendations to maintain balance. If this is all new for you think of it as an hour of complete relaxation & surrender from the everyday chaos. 

Info for home office and / or space clearning

Home , Office , or Space Clearing